How to install and use the IDML-Creator


The IDML-Creator is written in PHP and can be used with Composer. It's a private library which needs to be licensed.

IDML-Creator makes use of semantic versioning. It uses some open source libraries and runs in PHP 7.2 or higher. Required extensions are ext-dom, ext-libxml and ext-xsl.

Bit&Black offers an annual distribution including minor updates and patches.

Adding to your project

After your received your private name and token, follow these steps to add IDML-Creator to your project:

  1. Add the repository config to your composer.json by running $ composer config repositories.private-packagist composer<YOUR_CUSTOMER_NAME>/
  2. Add config information to your auth.json file once by running $ composer config --auth token <YOUR_CUSTOMER_TOKEN>.
  3. Add the library by running $ composer require bitandblack/idml-creator.
  4. Run $ composer update once to regenerate the composer.lock file and run $ composer install after that.

Want to use IDML-Creator?

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