It is crucial to us to offer the IDML Creator to everyone in fair conditions, depending on the application, e.g., the project size and the type of project. We highly value long-term partnerships, and therefore thank you with a permanent discount from the second year of use.

Type of licence Type of project Price (per 12 months)
First 12 months Every following 12 months
Commercial License First project 288.00 Euro 240.00 Euro
The second and every following project 192.00 Euro 192.00 Euro
Commercial Cloud License Unlimited number of projects 2880.00 Euro 2400.00 Euro
Non-Commercial License First project 192.00 Euro 144.00 Euro
The second and every following project 96.00 Euro 96.00 Euro

All prices are in net. All licenses include minor updates and patches.

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What is a »project«?

When we're talking about a project, this means a single website or a single application. It doesn't matter how many servers or domains you are using. If you want to use the IDML-Creator for different websites, different applications or multiple of your customers, you need a license for each of them.

Integrating the IDML-Creator in a service that you deliver to multiple of your customers requires the Commercial Cloud License. A good example would be an e-commerce platform or a Web2Print service, that is provided by your company and that your customers integrate into their websites.